Nestor Falls, Ontario Canada is surrounded by beautiful wilderness. The rugged terrain makes it perfect for all kinds of species to come hunting for. You’ve got all the mainland to travel, or 25,000 miles along Lake of the Woods that has 14,632 islands out your back door.

Nestor Falls has an abundance of white-tailed deer. Who knows, you might even shoot your trophy deer. The white-tailed deer in November is a special time for the deer hunter.  This is the time with the rut which increases the deer activity and improves your chances at encountering a mature buck. If you are interested in a guided hunt, we offer this as well with prior arrangements. Even if you’re not hunting for the white-tailed deer,  you’re guaranteed to see one normally right on our 10.5 acres of property that we are located on.

The bear is also a common species within the area. With food being plentiful, especially all the berries, the bears are seen quite frequently. Many people like to take a drive to our local landfill just to spot 1 or multiple bears scrounging around everyone’s leftovers. Since bears are one of the largest predators in Ontario, they deserve tremendous respect in contact situations. To discourage unwanted attention by bears, we always ask our guests to ensure that their camp is clean and secure.

If it’s small game you’re after…partridge, geese, and duck are very common.  Many of our guests like to come up in the fall for 1-3 weeks and enjoy the morning partridge hunt and then fishing in the afternoon.  What a better way to spend your day.  If ducks or geese is of interest to you, there are plenty of lakes surrounding the area to make this also a very popular attraction.

We have guides for hunting as well. They will scope out the area for you to insure that you go home with the trophy you want. Please let us know in advance if you will be needing a guide.  Start planning your fall hunting trip with us and see what all the talk is about at Clarke and Crombie Camp.

***Licenses are available close by.***