In 1934, Andy Clarke bought a small island (now Warnholtz Island) close to the falls and started in the tourist business, with one housekeeping cabin. This was the beginning of what would be eventually Clarke and Crombie Camps.

The following year, he bought the adjacent island and added another cabin. This is the year Andy Clarke and Alice Wensley were married. In 1936, David Crombie and Emily Wensley were married and also started in the tourist business on what is now Strom Island.

In 1937, it was decided that it would be good idea to have a location on the mainland and the partnership of Andrew and Alice Clarke with David and Emily Crombie was formed.

A lot on the dock road was purchased from Earnest Wensley, and a mainland lodge was built. This was the start of the Clarke and Crombie camps, with the addition of cabins on both the mainland and islands over the years. Outpost camps were also built on Height of Land, Miles Bay, Sabaskoshing Bay, and Alfred Inlet.

During these years, the county was changing and with the coming of Hydroelectric power all of the camps were able to upgrade from rustic beginnings to very modern accommodations.

Over the years, folks from all over came to the Clarke and Crombie Camps to fish, hunt, camp, and be part of the natural charm of the area.

In 2008, Terry Brennen purchased the Clarke and Crombie Camps. Now Terry and with his girlfriend Kandi Sikkema have continued the tradition of bringing joy to those visiting their Northwoods paradise. With six fully modernized cabins, RV park with thirty-one sites, and 16 motel rooms with kitchenettes, the Clarke and Crombie Camps are the perfect choice for enjoying the beauty of the Nestor Falls area.